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About Sommer

What Makes Me Tick...

Hi, I’m Sommer! My passion is blogging and relationship marketing.

About Sommer

What Makes Me Tick...

Would you ever guess?

I am deathly afraid of swans. I like roller coasters. Cats petrify me too oh and motor cycles. I am klutz. I dream of off roading in a jeep. I am solar powered. :-)

Sommer Poquette
Owner & Operator

Hi, I’m Sommer! My passion is blogging and relationship marketing. I strive to help small businesses tie new media to real business. My experience comes from 7 years of growing my own online business and my knowledge is working knowledge. Meaning, I’m always sharing what I learn with my clients and before I try something new, I’ve tried it for my brand and my business first.

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There is no one size fits all solution to using social media for business.
I listen.
I learn and offer advice and counsel that will fit your business, your needs and your budget.



If you don’t see something that works for you, I bet if you called me we’d find something that will or I’ll happily refer you to the company, consultant or service that can help you. I’m the queen of referrals because I believe in Karma.

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Social Media Coaching & Implementation
Social Media Strategy Development and Analysis
Blogger Outreach and Engagement
Blogger Campaigns and Sponsored Stories
Blogger Coaching & WordPress
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Excel at what I do best, let others excel at what they do best. Together we'll bring you excellence!


SLP Connections is about connecting you with the best. To meet all your online needs I work with the following partners:


Eco-Office Gals

Jennifer Smith
WordPress & Graphic Design


Anti-Social Development

Kim Woodbridge
Tech and Facebook Services


Handle Your Own PR

Marina Echavarria
PR Services


I've had the pleasure of working with these awesome clients in the past & in the now - will you be on this VIP list in the future?

Bragging Rights

People like to work with me and here is why...

Bragging Rights



Valerie St. Pierre Smith, Program Director for the Crooked Tree Arts Center:

Sommer is not only incredibly knowledgeable she is up on latest social media trends. Best of all she presents it in language that even novices can understand! Sommer is incredibly professional, well organized and easy to work with.

Jennifer Forbes, Team Leader for Forbes Webb Communications:

Sommer was efficient and professional to work with. What’s even better, the sponsored post for our client, Maid Brigade, was very well done and the social media support was extensive. Just what we were looking for!

Alli Worthington:

Excellent speaker with a broad knowledge base. Sommer is personable and professional. I consider her a friend and someone who I would work with again anytime!

Kathleen Clark, Social Media Manager, Shaklee Corporation

Sommer has provided enormous social media support as a contractor for Shaklee. Her social media expertise shows in her ability to multitask across projects, provide education and guidance, and to be available to manage issues that may arise on short notice. She’s an invaluable social media resource and influencer that I highly recommend for any brand looking to increase brand awareness and reach to new audiences across digital media.

Kimberley Clayton Blaine, MA, MFT, The Go To Mom

Sommer’s vibrance and brilliance shine through in all her work, her commitment and in her knowledge of mom media.

It’s rare to meet someone so versatile, competent, and confident… She’s a sheer delight to work with.

Maureen Fitzgerald, Community Manager, Jockey International

Sommer is just the kind of reviewer you want talking about your product. She highlights all of the points your customers will be interested in yet does so in the most genuine, authentic way. Her sparkling personality comes across in both her written words and videos. Sommer is the ultimate professional, always responding promptly and delivering reviews on time. We look forward to a long relationship with her!

Kelly Walsh of Peas of Mind:

Sommer wrote a wonderful review for our product, Peas of Mind, on her website Green & Clean Mom. We received great response from her article and would recommend the site as an avenue to reach health conscious parents nationwide!

PJ Stafford CEO and Founder of Green Irene™:

Sommer and her Green & Clean Mom Team did a GREAT job for us on our first Green Mom Blog Tour. Sommer was very responsive, detail oriented and helpful, way beyond the basics of the Blog Tour. While in theory we could just send an email to 100s of Mom Bloggers and hope to get a posting, Sommer evaluates our company and if she is comfortable, gives it her “endorsement” to the Bloggers in her universe so they don’t have to spend a lot of time doing background research on us.

There is a lot more than meets the eye to a successful Blog Tour…Making sure links work, overseeing the details of contests and give always and making sure the agreed on number of posts are done. Cross posting and on and on. All in all, it’s a lot of work and we are happy we introduced ourselves to the Green mom blog community thru Sommer and her network of like-minded bloggers who, like us, are on a mission to green the world and our family lives.

Melissa Moog, Founder & CEO Mama, Itsabelly, LLC:

Sommer provides a valuable blog for families wanting to go green. Her writing skills are excellent and she offers a great service to co’s wanting to reach the mom community. I would recommend Sommer to anyone interested in learning more about blogging, social media and green living.

Sommer is a motivated, inspiring writer with a passion for all things green. She provides excellent advice to aspiring green writers and companies looking for web 2.0 guidance. I highly recommend her services and writing talents for companies and individuals that want to get into social media promotion and blogging. Sommer brings integrity and creativity to everything she does.

Wendy Goldman Scherer of The Social Studies Group, LLC:

Teaming with Sommer on Cabot Cheese’s Soup Swap initiative was such a pleasure! The engagement she created was lovely and sincere and embodied who she is. We were thrilled that Cabot could provide support her local food bank and food banks around the country for this initiative and I feel that Sommer’s skill, sincerity and follow-through were huge contributors to the success of the program.

You are one of the most intense, yet sweetest people of anyone I know :)

Alicia The Soft Landing:

Oh my gosh Sommer!! That was the most wonderful video review EVER! How sweet of you to give us such great kudos – you’re the best! I’ll be adding your review to the Feeding Set product listing on our website as soon as our web designers get us fixed up with video imbedding. I can’t wait!!!

You’re my favorite Green Girl :)

Christine Stewart of For My Kids, LLC:

Asking Sommer Poquette of Green & Clean Mom to review our products was one of the more sound marketing decisions that we’ve made in our short business existence. Sommer is really great to work with and having our products mentioned on Green & Clean Mom is the gift that just keeps giving–our website traffic has really increased due to interest by Sommer’s great readers. Thanks, Sommer, for a really nice working relationship and be sure to let us know when you’re ready to review any of our other products.

Roxy Stahl of Zing USA:

Sommer Poquette, from Green and Clean Mom, has been nothing but a joy to work with. We really appreciate how she took the time to not only write a blog about our product but spent additional time promoting it by entering the contests to several forums. Each post Sommer writes is always well written, researched, informative and practical making Green and Clean Mom the go to source for invaluable eco-information. We hope to continue working with her in the future!

Tricia van Dockum, Publicist for Back to the Tap Water Products:

I recently sent Sommer Poquette our new “green” product that we’re trying to get the word out about. What came back was a terrific review along with digital art that was posted not long after we had sent her the product. I’m very grateful for the exposure and her thoughtful consideration in giving our product such great coverage.

My Mommy Is A Blogger

Yes, I wrote a book and I’m insanely proud of it. A bucket list dream!

My Mommy Is A Blogger

“As a mommy blogger, I hear my kids say the cutest things about what I do. Over time I’ve found myself explaining my work to them in simple but fun ways. I wanted to share this with other online moms but to also show how proud our children are of us digital moms and how we as a community should be proud to tell our children what we do. The world is changing and we have mobile devices and are always connected but reading a good story to a child, there is nothing like that connection!”

– Sommer Poquette, Author of My Mommy is a Blogger


I honestly can’t rave enough about this Children’s book as that literally explains what it means to be a blogger. I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with Sommer in real life too and I’m so thrilled that she has penned this successful children’s book about blogging.” – Visit Classy Mommy
Classy Mommy
“Sommer has written a cute depiction of a Mom Blogger explaining her job to her daughter Josie. It breaks it down for the kids in basic terms and explains our job to them in a fun and entertaining way. I’ve read it to my own son several times because he has chosen it as part of his bedtime reading on many occasions. The illustrations are colorful and cute and the story is a great length to keep them interested.” – Visit Safe Mama
Safe Mama

“I brought the book home and Little CEO had already read the whole thing to herself before I had finished unpacking. I sat down and read it again to her and Boy Wonder. They both loved it. Little CEO said, “this is really, REALLY good, Mom! It’s so funny!”

The illustrations in the book are bright and colorful and very well done.” – Visit Kludgy Mom

Kludgy Mom
“When Sommer handed me a copy of the book (which I should have had her autograph because it will be a best seller for sure!), I was super excited to take it home and share it with Ethan because he thinks I just “answer emails” all day..which on some days, is probably true. After reading it to him the first time, he recognized many of the words and actions that he sees me do on a daily basis…and he asked me to read it again!” – Visit Mommy of a Monster .
Mommy of A Monster & Twins
“My Mommy is a Blogger is not only entertaining, it’s educational. Sommer fills a need for moms like me who make a living (in part, or in full) as a blogger. My kids were still young when I first began blogging 5 years ago and they found it difficult to understand and explain to their friends what their mommy did for her job. Shoot, I spent months trying to explain it to my own grandparents! The book gives much deserved recognition to the growing force of mommy bloggers everywhere.” – Visit The Soft Landing
Alicia Voorhies of The Soft Landing
“Bloggers must grab this book – I gave up trying to explain what blogging was long ago. My Mommy Is A Blogger is a cute and colorful book, well written to help little ones (and adults) better understand what this blogging thing is all about. Blog On, Sommer!”- Visit Eco-Office Gals
Jennifer - Eco-Office Gals
“Sommer Poquette, the mom behind Green and Clean Mom has made it easier for mommy bloggers to share what they do with their kids. Her new book My Mommy is a Blogger is a beautifully illustrated story that explains what bloggers do in terms that kids can understand. In her book, she tells the story of Josie, a little girl who can’t wait for her mommy to talk to her kindergarten class about her job.” – Visit Busy Mommy Media
Rachel - Busy Mommy Media


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